Blizzard Bag Lesson 1

Blizzard Bag Lesson 1 - Health & Wellness


Anxiety is part of the human condition, but many people struggle with it on a day to day basis.  Today you are going to start by learning more about the science behind anxiety.  What causes it?  Why does it exist?  View the You Tube video below!


Now let's take a few minutes to assess YOUR current level of anxiety. Follow this link to an evaluation and score yourself.  Write down your total score: you will need it later.

But if we have anxiety, what can we DO about it?  This is a great clip that teaches you some strategies to use when you feel anxious:

Tell me what you learned!  Create a google doc and answer these questions> Then share the doc with me.

1.  From The Science of Anxiety: What IS anxiety?  Why do we feel it?
2. What was your score on the Burns Anxiety Inventory?  Did this surprise you, or not?
3. Which tip to manage anxiety would you be most likely to try?

That's all for today!


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