Hello Class!

We have been exploring the topic of family and family relationships in class.  For your assignment today, you will be thinking in more depth about your family, what makes it unique, and what it might stand for.  Then you will create a "family crest" that embodies how you perceive your family.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you begin:

What does my family enjoy doing? (activities, recreation, volunteering, travel)
What does my family value? (home, nature, religion, time together, service, education)
What characteristics does my family embody? (loyalty, trust, love, humor, independence)

Now you are going to draw your own family crest.  It should be in color, and should give an idea of what makes your family unique.  You must have at least four characteristics of your family included in the crest.  You will also be graded on originality and effort.  This is worth 10 classwork points.  You will turn it in with your name on it at our next class. 

To help you start, here is an example of  a historical  family crest:

 Yours can be elaborate like this, or more modern and simple, like these:

Have fun with this, and email me with any questions!!  

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